Cure for the Shar Chi Area in 2017

shar chi feng shui advice

If you want to avoid a disastrous 2017 then knowing where the Shar Chi is placed in your home or office is of supreme importance. The effect of the Shar Chi comes in the form of interference in your plans that can put an end to any positive outcome. The location of the Shar Chi moves to a new compass direction at the beginning of each Nine Star Ki New Year on February 4, and in 2017 the Shar Chi is in the South.

To counteract Shar Chi you should remove any red objects in the Southern area of your home or office including carpets curtains and bedding etc. You should also remove all mirrors and crystals from the area and replace them with a pile of six metal coins or hang a windchime with 6 chimes to reduce the effect.

Happy New Year!