Your Nine Star Ki Advice for 5 April to 5 May

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Here is your personal Ki advise for April 2017. Want more help? I have provided accurate and straight forward advice to my clients for over 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Year number these predictions are based on you can read here how to calculate it.

1 Water People: Relax and enjoy the attention you are now receiving in your 9 Fire Month, your warm social aura will be appreciated by others, but don't allows their superficial attention to sway you from your goals.

2 Earth People: Don't worry about the lack of progress over the next four weeks. In your 1 Water Month take your time to assess where you want to be, and make sure you remain cautious in your spending.

3 Wood People: In your 2 Earth Month focus on cleaning up those loose ends and throwing out anything you no longer need. Avoid the urge to make any big advances in your plans until May.

4 Wood People: You can now move on your new projects and enjoy the creative rush that comes with a 3 Wood Month. But watch what you say as you might get the blame for someone else's mistake.

5 Earth People: Stay focused in your 4 Wood Month on what you really want to achieve in April, others will help if you let them, especially if you practice a little charm on them.

6 Metal People: Is there something you would like to change about your life? Your 5 Earth Month is the time to bring about a small reinvention that will set you off on a new course. You may meet an old friend.

7 Metal People: In your 6 Metal Month you may now be feeling constrained by duties and responsibility, so step up, and by focusing on others needs and their abilities you will feel more valued.

8 Earth People: You are now feeling more sensitive than usual after having gone through a demanding month. In your 7 Metal Month you can focus on making a good investment but don't ignore what others also need.

9 Fire People: You can't fight the unstoppable forces of nature in an 8 Earth Month, but you can exercise some patience and get on with the work at hand. Stick to your goals and don't get pushy.