Your Nine Star Ki Advice for 6 March to 4 April

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Here is your personal Ki advise for March 2017. Want more help? I have provided accurate and straight forward advice to my clients for over 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Year number these predictions are based on you can read here how to calculate it.

1 Water People: You are in a 8 Earth Month and it's time to get real about something or someone you've been thinking about for a while. If your dream is more than a fancy it will come about in its own time.

Be patient and stick to your goals.

2 Earth People: Your 9 Fire Month will be a fast moving and enjoyable time for you. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once, and instead use your orderly nature to prioritise your tasks.

Stay open and honest.

3 Wood People: In your 1 Water Month, you take a break from being so visible to others. You now have to think about the future and develop some insight into your long term goals.

Rein in your spending.

4 Wood People: Are in a 2 Earth Month, where you will attract respect through steady effort and results. Remember to remain modest in your plans and work with others' towards your goals.

Clean out those cupboards.

5 Earth People: Use your 3 Wood Month to work off any frustrations you are feeling with lots of exercise. You may not exactly know what it is you are doing, but enjoy it all the same as new beginnings are on their way.

Don't overdo it.

6 Metal People: In a 4 Wood Month the direct approach is not always the best way to influence people. You may find that dropping a few hints in a round about sort of way is just as effective as making a speech.

Listen more to what people are saying.

7 Metal People: Trying to wriggle out of your commitments is a common mistake in a 5 Earth Month. You can always learn something new through evaluating how you got to where you are now in life, as denial will condemn you to repeat it all over again.

Focus on improving your health.

8 Earth People: Your 6 Metal Month will go more smoothly if you are less judgmental about people. Taking a black and white view of others behaviour will only alienate them at a time when you are in need of a sympathetic ear.

Control your own fears not other people hopes.

9 Fire People: The pressure is off and the party is under way. In a 7 Metal Month a bit of nostalgia can be forgiven as you can rely on your experience to get through this month.

Keep track of practical stuff.