Your Nine Star Ki Advice for January 6 to February 3

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Here is your personal Ki advise for January 2017. Want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

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1 Water People: Use your 6 Metal Month to reach out and connect with those you want to inspire. If you feel your plans have not been producing the tangible results you were expecting, it may be time to make some minor adjustments to them before the year really gets under way.

Stay modest about your achievements.

2 Earth People: 2017 starts for you with a 7 Metal Month which is dominated by your social life and the chance to kick back. Its an enjoyable beginning but also keep track of everyday responsibilities or you may find you spend more money than you planned on.

Trust in your experience not in new untried ideas.

3 Wood People: You may find your 8 Earth Month frustrating at times and that you just can’t make things happen to suit your timing. But if you stay patient and stick to your plans change will come in its own time, and February will reward you with inspiration.

Resist the urge to get pushy or your get a rude reply

4 Wood People: Your 9 Fire Month promises to be a very enjoyable start to 2017. People will be looking to you for inspiration so make sure you know what you are taking about, and focus on what actually works.

Choose which areas of your life you want to highlight.

5 Earth People: Take the opportunity of your 1 Water Month to recharge your batteries and to get a bit more rest. Take this time to plan out your year, and don’t be afraid to reach out to others and tell them what is on you mind.

Hang onto your cash in case of an unexpected emergency.

6 Metal People: In your 2 Earth Month moving one step at a time towards your goals will work better than working on them all at once. Clear out any clutter to make room for more resources comimg your way, and to create a more supportive environment.

Avoid talking too much about your plans.

7 Metal People: January is a new creative beginning for you. You will find that in your 3 Wood Month flexibility will work in your favour so don't get stuck on just one idea, and instead enjoy the new rush of energy.

Don’t take your luck or people for granted.

8 Earth People: In your 4 Wood Month you now have an opportunity to consolidate your plans. In 2017 you are moving into a new high energy phase of activity, so stick with your goals, as any deviation and you will waste all that hard work.

Use your influence to help others rather than browbeat them.

9 Fire People: In your 5 Earth Month any action you take will have long term consequences for the rest of the year. You will now be at the center of attention, but only take up major opportunities, and be carful of how you impress people with your ability to command attention.

Take some time to review and learn from past decisions.