Your Nine Star Ki Advice for June 6 to July 5

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Here is your personal Ki advice for June. Do you want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for over 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation at

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

1 Water People: Your 2 Earth Month may feel slow in progress, but despite feeling held back you can make preparations for your next big adventure. By keeping your ambitions modest throughout June you will find that July comes in with a bang. But too much effort and extravaganza now will waste resources and the trust of those who might help you.

2 Earth People: In your 3 Wood Month it's finally time to move on your plans and having cleared the decks of clutter last month, you now have all the energy and ideas to proceed with confidence. You don't have to make any final choices about the opportunities presented to you, so just enjoy some unexpected creativity and your new adventures.

3 Wood People: In your 4 Wood Month the pace now slows down after last months hectic rush, but you can build on the ideas you have chosen to go with and explain to others more clearly what is on your mind. Asking for help will improve your chances of success, and sticking to your plans will inspire confidence.

4 Wood People: Your 5 Earth month is a good time to observe how well your decisions have paned over the last nine months. The balance between you being in the world and looking after yourself will also be measured this month, but through accepting yourself as you are, you will develop plans that are more realistic. Only take advantage of major opportunities as your choices will have long term consequences,

5 Earth People: In your 6 Metal Month your achievements are now rewarded with a raise in status or a pay rise. But don't let your pride get the better of you as people will be looking to you for leadership. But if your plans don't appear to be working out quite as expected, you can always reevaluate your choices and make a mid course correction.

6 Metal People: Loosen up and enjoy yourself. In your 7 Metal month you can expect a more sociable month where you can enjoy life without thinking about it all so much. And in the quieter moments give thanks for all that you have received and appreciate the hard work you have put in.

7 Metal People Although you are not given to introspection, there is a hidden depth to your nature which you now have a chance to explore. In your 8 Earth Month make that effort to see your friends and share your feelings with them. But resist the urge to get pushy if your feeling impatient and just focus on your goals.

8 Earth People: The warm sunshine of a 9 Fire month can reveal more than you intended, so decide on what it is you want to draw attention to. Likewise, look carefully at any tempting offers as first appearances may be deceptive. On the bright side you will enjoy an exceptionally sociable month and inspiring ideas. Just don't lose track of everyday responsibilities.

9 Fire People: Your 1 Water month provides you with the opportunity to exert your independence and to seek meaning from life events that you might usually take for granted. Take a break from rushing about and instead stay in and read a book. You should to hang on to your resources as they might be needed for unexpected expenses or the return of an old ailment.