Your Nine Star Ki Advice for May 6 to June 5

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Here is your personal Ki advice for May. Want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

Enjoy the benefits of your monthly advice.

May is a 5 Earth Month where everybody's Adult number falls into the Year number they were born into, i.e 1 Water people are in a 1 Water Month, 2 Earth people in a 2 Earth Month etc. This means that you will be experiencing your own Ki energy without so much of the influence of the other numbers, and so is an ideal time to get acquainted with your primary Ki Nature.

1 Water People: You now take a break from concerning yourself so much with everyone else's well being. However you may have to face up to some emotional difficulties that require independent thought to get you through them.

Take some time out to do some reading and don't over extend yourself financially.

2 Earth People: Clearing out all that clutter from your life will help you now in getting ready for a lot of new activity in June. If you remain modest about how fortunate you have been, you will create trust with potential allies and attract the help you need for success.

Plan a series of small steps to achieve your current goal.

3 Wood People: Its time to forge ahead and get creative, but don't overdo it or you will bite off more than you can chew, as its now time to develop a more supportive lifestyle. Burn off any frustrations you have with plenty of exercise and focus more on your health.

Ask for advice before making any big decisions.

4 Wood People: Connecting with your gentler side will allow inspiration and vision to guide you through this month. How others see you will be very important, as is the ability to open up to unforeseen possibilities that will reinforce your current progress.

Trust in your experience of the kindness of others.

5 Earth People: Opportunities are heading your way, but they will pass you by if you try to wriggle out of your responsibilities. Opportunities will also literally pass you by if you travel too much throughout May.

Reflect on how you can improve on your decision making.

6 Metal People: You may be having the urge to forge ahead with some grand gesture, but your better off listening to people and acting on their actual needs. Reduce your mental tension with some down time with friends as your going to be seeing a lot more of them.

Focus on your long term goals.

7 Metal People: Sticking with what you know will work better than endless speculation, as you can now rely on your experience to make the most of this month. Don't be fooled by superficial situations or your be left high and dry.

Enjoy your social life but don't overdo it.

8 Earth People: It's going to take awhile for events to unfold but at least you now have time to think things through. Patience will work better than blunt force as you may get a rude response if you pressure others, while some reading will put you in the right frame of mind.

Working hard on an easily attainable goal will bring quick results.

9 Fire People: The warmth of your nature can be an inspiration to others, but make sure you are clear about what you want from those close to you. If you stay organised you can create the focus you need to attract greater opportunities.

Make a list of everything you want to get done for the rest of 2017.