Your Nine Star Ki Advice for November 7 to December 6

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Here is your personal Ki advice for November. Want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

Enjoy the benefits of your monthly advice.

1 Water people can expect a smoother ride in their 4 Wood Month. Things start to happen for you now as your efforts brings the results you have waited for. You have greater access to your intuitive abilities so use them to steer in the right direction, instead of randomly shooting off at a tangent.

2 Earth people are in a 5 Earth Month where being back in your own element makes you feel more comfortable, but uncertain about how to occupy your time. Your advised to avoid traveling as much as possible and reflect on how you could better look after yourself.

3 Wood people will feel their activities are somewhat preordained in their 6 Metal Month. Resist the urge to boss everyone around and focus on what you can do for others. If it all gets too much take some vigorous exercise to burn off that frustration.

4 Wood people: After last months' move up the promotion ladder you get to party in your 7 Metal Month. Be carful to plan out your expenses so you don't end up spending all of your earnings. You may become over sensitive to your environment so take some time for yourself to recover.

5 Earth people now dwell in the "cave of inner reflection" in their 8 Earth month. If you now want to make some changes to your life ensure that you have a clear plan. The more realistic you are about your present situation the better the outcome.

6 Metal people are under the spotlight in their 9 Fire Month. At times your might feel the heat, but this can be an enjoyable and sociable time as long as you remain grounded and walk your talk. Make a list of everything you need to keep track of.

7 Metal people get a chance to rest and reflect on the future in their 1 Water Month. Now is the time for detailed research and the gathering of knowledge. Be careful with your money and other resources as they will be thin on the ground.

For 8 Earth people success in small endeavours is the motto in their 2 Earth Month. It's time to clear out the clutter and tidy up outstanding issues. Gather together what help you need to take advantage of your next big adventure in December.

9 Fire people get a big boost in their 3 Wood Month. Your feel more supported now and can rush ahead with loads of new ideas. Enjoy the creativity, and remember to take a plan a break or you risk burning yourself out.