Your Nine Star Ki Advice for October 8 to November 6

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Here is your personal Ki advice for October. Want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

Enjoy the benefits of your monthly advice.

1 Water people are now in a 3 Wood Month, which will be a far more supportive month than September and where you can expect increased energy levels and renewed inspiration. Remember to plan some time off to avoid burning out.

Focus on trying out something new.

2 Earth people now experience the gentle energy of a 4 Wood Month. Stick to your plans and watch out for bouts of moodiness, you can always ask for help once you realise you can't do everything yourself.

Focus on getting in contact with people.

3 Wood people move into a 5 Earth Month. Opportunities will come your way as long as you don't travel away from home for more than a week, or try to wriggle of your responsibilities.

Focus on developing a new aspect of your work.

For 4 Wood people in their 6 Metal Month a move up the promotion ladder or raise in status is on the cards. Take care not to let the result of your hard work go to your head, and instead look at what you can do for others.

Focus on developing your leadership qualities.

5 Earth people are in for a more relaxing month in their 7 Metal Month. You can party a little but don't be fooled by your capacity to get away with overindulgence, as you have a job to get on with.

Focus on clarifying your goals.

6 Metal people get to grips with what really works and what doesn't in their 8 Earth Month. Change will come in its own time but you will benefit from some patience.

Focus on seeing the bigger picture.

7 Metal people are in for an enjoyable 9 Fire Month. At times you may feel the heat and overworked, but then you can't expect to be in control all the time.

Focus on what you need to get done.

8 Earth people may feel their mountain like exterior being worn down by this 1 Water Month. But if you are willing to look within you will find there are jewels of insight to be discovered beneath the surface.

Focus on telling people what you really want.

9 Fire people move into another slow month, this time it's 2 Earth. Work on clearing up outstanding issues, and don't show off, or you might put off potential allies.

Focus on clearing the clutter.