Your Nine Star Ki Prediction for 2017

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Here is your personal Ki advise for February 4 2017 to February 3 2018. Want more help? I have provided straight forward and accurate advice to my clients for 25 years. Your welcome to contact me for a personal or written consultation.

If you don't know your Ki Year number and element you can read here how to calculate it.

1 Water People: The course of your 5 Earth Year depends a lot on the choices and judgements you have made over the last few years. What you experience in 2017 will provide you with the opportunity to create better choices, and a future based on the lessons learned from the past.

Big opportunities are also heading your way, but to take advantage of them your need to stay still, both physically through traveling as little as possible, and emotionally through remaining centered - no matter what events challenge your stability.

As you will be feeling uncomfortable with emotional comings and goings, do your best not to wriggle out of difficult situations. A lot of the stress you experience this year will be caused by unwanted situations leaving you, such as people who longer support you or a work environment that is holding you back. Let go.

People will also be heading your way, and as some will be asking for help you must remember to also look after yourself. Whatever you choose to do this year will have long lasting consequences, so there is no harm in asking for (and accepting) advice, as you may not always be sure which path to take.

Whether it is a new job, a relationship or some other lifestyle choice, make sure it is what you really want because you can now have anything you set your mind to.

2 Earth People: In your 6 Metal Year you can expect to see a marked improvement in your material life, such as receiving an increase in status, a pay rise or a rung up the ladder at work. If you have made the right choices you should now be seeing the results of your goals and the things you have set your hearts desire on.

If the things you really wanted are not now manifesting around you, and your plans have not worked as expected, use the insights and experiences gained last year to guide you, and to help you focus on making minor corrections to your plans to bring you closer to your goals.

As a result of your successes your confidence should also be on the up and up, but be aware that any increase in status comes with responsibility attached to it, remain modest and don't put people off with arrogance. You should also avoid the temptation to see situations in black and white and instead remain flexible in your relations with others, especially as your new found pride may distort your understanding of the needs of those around you.

Give people what they want, not what you think they want and they will benefit from your help. Equally you should not be so hard on yourself when making those inevitable mistakes, as you will be be more than aware of your failings. And spend some time enjoying yourself, 2017 is not all about work and duty.

Use your organisational skills to structure your plans and focus on how they will benefit others, as this year is as much about you helping others achieve their best, as it is about your own successes.

3 Wood People: Easy progress is the hallmark of a 7 Metal Year and although it may seem to be one long effortless party, remember to maintain a respect for what you have managed to achieve, or you could squander your good fortune as quickly as it has been gathered.

This is not such a great year for new, unfamiliar ventures, so you should stick to what you are good at and allow the future to take care of itself. In any case an improvement in your finances, health and general well being is on the cards, so take advantage of your new social life, and in the quieter more spiritual moments make use of the reflective quality of this year to look back on your life.

To make the most of 2017 it is advisable you try to find a balance between the more indulgent aspect of a 7 Metal year, and the need to maintain some sobriety, as the tendency to get carried away with your good luck could leave you ungrounded. Likewise the lack of any real challenge in your life this year could also weaken you, so make the effort to push yourself, and focus on remaining practical, especially when it comes to other people, as flights of fancy could land you in real trouble when others don't find your behaviour so amusing.

This is a great year for you so sit back and allow the benefits of your past efforts to bring their reward. With an expanded social life presented to you there will be no shortage of party invitations, but be careful you avoid over indulgence and occasionally withdraw to recharge yourself.

4 Wood People: For you 2017 is an 8 Earth Year symbolized by the cave within a mountain, which is a place of stillness from where you can look within yourself and discover previous depths that have been difficult to tap. You also get the chance to look at old patterns, which if done with honesty may lead to a change in approach to life and bring about real changes in your life.

Moving home, starting a new job or relationship and other major changes in lifestyle often occur in an 8 Earth year, yet you may also feel at times you are stuck and frustrated that nothing at all is ever going to happen. At times like this you should avoid getting pushy and resist the urge to try and make things happen, as you will only cause resentment and antagonism in other.

Instead, if you remain focused on your goals they will come about in their own time, meanwhile do your best to remain active in your social life as there will be a tendency this year for you to withdraw right inside the mountain. This also applies to the quality of your relations with people, so be clear in your communication and try not to take to heart what others say, as they will be seeing you as being more steadfast than usual, but inside be you will be feeling vulnerable to criticism and unsure of yourself.

As long as you know what you want and are willing to work hard, there is much about your life that can now change for the better.

5 Earth People: After a year in the cave of introspection your 9 Fire Year propels you back into the light and a great sense of expansion and new possibilities. The attention can be very gratifying after a year hidden away and 2017 could prove to be a very enjoyable year. But you need to stay grounded and realistic about your plans, making sure that you thoroughly investigate any offers of either a romantic or business nature.

You can now use your position in the public eye to promote your business or a cause that is close to your heart, but make sure you stick to yoru promises and don't mislead people. Otherwise issues may come up over doubts about loyalty and friendship, so remain aware of how you come across to others, or you may find that in a moment of need there is no one around to support you. And remember that others around you may not be so enthusiastic about your new ideas even though they sound good to you.

Light will also shine on the more hidden areas of your life, embarrassing secrets may be revealed, and at the very least legal matters in some shape or form will certainly take up some time. Enjoy you moment in the spotlight but remember fire needs fuel, so be aware of your limitations and don't overestimate yourself.

6 Metal People Your 1 Water Year will provide you with the space to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You can now delve into the great mystery that is your life, discover a new understanding of who you truly are, and access knowledge upon which you can begin to create your future.

To others you will appear enigmatic, and people may also seem more distant to you than usual as a result of you withdrawing to renew yourself. Don't allow this sense of withdrawal to create feelings of alienation or fear, instead you should make an effort to remain clear in your communications and share with people what it is on your mind, as they will respond well to what you have to reveal.

Much benefit this year will come from developing yourself through study and meditation. Rushing to achieve new heights and ambitions is however now not advisable, as you may easily become tired both physically and emotionally. Keep an eye on your finances, commitments and health as this year you will be short on resources, and any major effort on your part will be dissipated.

You may now find yourself to be a catalyst for change in others lives, but changing too much in your own work or home life will simply drain you of what few resources you do have. Simply enjoy the sense of ease which comes when you go with the flow of life and the independence of action it can bring you.

7 Metal People: Success in small things is your motto for your 2 Earth Year. 2017 will work out well for you if you make the effort to engage with people, and stick with making the most of everyday life, while making step by step preparations for your next big adventure in 2018.

Gathering allies, money, materials and others resources is your priority, which implies you have to make space for all this new activity to come into your life. As such a 2 Earth Year is ideal for tidying up all those loose ends, sorting out financial commitments and getting rid of that clutter in the home and office. Be as ruthless as you can and only keep what you consider essential.

New ventures are not now advisable and any major initiative is liable to meet with failure, so accumulate rather than initiate. You will now find that working with others will advance your goals and group work in particular will be rewarding for you. Stay modest about any successes you have as this is not a good time to show off.

And also remember to look after you own needs. Don't allow yourself to become drained by worrying about other people or an apparent lack of progress, otherwise your confidence and self esteem will begin to suffer. In particularly focus on your diet, health and exercise.

Although it is not yet time to move on your plans, your careful approach to this year will attract positive attention, and also pay off in the long term. Discussing your plans with friends will help a lot, as you can now shrug off the feeling of isolation that hung around you last year and really engage with the world again.

8 Earth People: The fast moving pace of your 3 Wood Year is in stark contrast to your experience of the past two years. All areas of life really start to move and the slow moving and frustrating experiences of 2015 and 2016 fade into the past.

The excitement of a 3 Wood Year presents you with revolutionary ideas, a new enthusiasm and an unstructured unfamiliar approach to life. Not to mention the chance to develop romantic possibilities or improve on a current relationship.

You should take some time to check out these new possibilities - try before you buy. As you are not obliged to make any decisions about your future until you are ready to commit. Remember that this is just the start of a new phase in your life - leaping before you look could land you in more trouble than you bargained for.

Because your mind will be even more active than usual your talent for detail may be overwhelmed, which could result in big mistakes. Likewise you may find yourself speaking your mind more, which could cause you to be blamed for things you have not done.

Take plenty of grounding exercise to counter the disorientation of being swept off your feet and to avoid becoming too scattered. Remain focused on what is happening around you by paying close attention to detail, but don't resist change either or it will past you by.

9 Fire People: Your in for a welcome break in your 4 Wood Year as the gentler energies of 2017 allow you to develop your projects and take a more mature approach to life.

You can now capitalize on the changes and developments that have taken place these last three years, so it is crucial you do not now head off in a completely new direction, otherwise you will lose out on all the benefits that long term consistent growth can have for you. Your impatience could sabotage progress so remain grounded and stay realistic while using the vision of 4 Wood to develop plans for the future.

A little patience will also go a long way to keeping you in balance, as you can now allow your influence to spread though gentle persuasion and the conviction of your actions, rather than your usual direct approach.

Although major changes to your plans is not advised, new minor projects can be safely explored. But don't make any moves before you are completely ready, as you need to watch your finances and carefully manage the first results of your success.

Overall this is a good year for developing a relationship or business venture, but remember that there will also be a strong tendency for you to get side tracked in unpredictable ways. Relying on humor and diplomacy will win you friends and attract the help you need.