Nine Star Ki Astrology by Nik Fernée

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About me

I have 30 years experience of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki client work

I became interested in Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki in 1991. My partner at that time persuaded me to put a large quartz rock we had found while hill walking in the Wealth and Blessings area of my home. A few weeks later I received a nice cheque  for overpaid Council Tax!

My friend had studied with William Spears and seeing as he was teaching in London I went on the first of several courses he was giving.

I also learnt from Feng Shui master Marc Lim (the seventh son of a seventh son of Taoist parents) who told me I had been a  Feng Shui master in a previous life.

I still had to study all the basics though! And experiment on my friends until I had enough confidence in the result they were seeing to set up my Feng Shui business.

During this period in my life I was living at the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist monetary in southern  Scotland. I had recently returned from an eight month trip to India to visit my Lama who had initiated me as a Ngakpa.