Ki advice from July 6 to August 7

Here is your personal Ki advice from July 6 to August 7.

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If you don’t know your Ki number simply add together the four digits of your year of birth, add them again until you get a number between 1 and 10. Take this number from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11-7 = 4

1 Water People:  You will project a warm social aura in your 9 Fire Month, which will be appreciated by others but don't allow their superficial attention to sway you from your goals. Stay grounded and keep track of what you are doing while enjoying the attention you are now receiving as it won't last long.

2 Earth People: Have the opportunity in your 1 Water Month to take your time to assess where you want to be in the long term. Make sure you remain cautious in your spending but don't worry about the lack of progress over the next four weeks, as it is just a temporary blip.

3 Wood People: Get outdoors and enjoy a walk in your 2 Earth Month, do some gardening or dance away your stress with friends. This is the ideal time to focus on cleaning up those loose ends and throwing out anything you no longer need, but there is no need for any big advances in your plans until August so resist the urge to make a splash.

4 Wood People: Make sure you plan a break in your 3 Wood Month and pace yourself at work or you will burn yourself out. Instead, save your energy for new people and ideas to come into your life. Watch out for what you say or you might get you the blame for someone else's mistake.

5 Earth People: Stay focused in your 4 Wood Month and on what you really want to achieve in August. Trying to make changes in your plans will only lead to disappointment as you need to allow longer for them to come to fruition. Instead, you should let people  help you and bring perspective to your plans. 

6 Metal People: If you stay close to home in your 5 Earth Month and don't wriggle out of commitments you can bring a small reinvention in your life that will set you off on a new course. You may meet an old friend and people will be looking to you for guidance, but don't forget to look after yourself as well.

7 Metal People: Remember to tell other people how much you appreciate them in your 6 Metal Month. Even though you may now be feeling constrained by duties and responsibility, you can step up, and by focusing on others needs and their abilities will feel more valued yourself.

8 Earth People: Enjoy August and all the fun on offer in your 7 Metal Month, as it is going to be a sociable month. You now can focus on making a good investment but don't ignore others needs, and definitely, don't gamble away your hard earned cash or goodwill on a whim. 

9 Fire People: You have the chance to pass on some of your knowledge in your 8 Earth Month, but you also need to exercise some restraint and get on with the work at hand. Stick to your goals and don't get pushy when faced with resistance to your complaints, as  patience will see you out in the long run.