Yearly Cure for the Shar Chi

Yearly Cure for the Shar Chi

The Nine Star Ki New Year is here and so it's time to move your Shar Chi cure to the East this year, as calculated by taking a compass reading from the centre of your home or business.

The Shar Chi is the 5 Yellow Earth influence which moves from one compass direction to another on 4 February until the following 3 February. If you have a mirror, anything that is coloured red or crystals in this area they will increase this influence causing major problems that can put a halt to any progress in life. As much as I always try to find practical solutions to my clients' problems this is one imbalance that can only be solved by removing these items, no matter how inconvenient.

To reduce this potentially calamitous influence hang a wind chime with six hollow tubes in this area. If doing this is impractical use a pile of six coins. Traditional Chinese coins are recommended, but it's actually just the metal coins that really matter, as the Metal Element will reduce the Earth Element of the Shar Chi.

If you want to go that extra mile you can use a Salt Water Cure, made by filling a glass, porcelain or metal container with high-quality rock salt. Place six coins on top of the salt, then fill the container 3/4 full with water. If you are using Chinese coins place them with the four Chinese characters facing up.

The Salt Water Cure container should be left open, do not cover it or place it in a covered space such as a cupboard, and where you know the container will be safe such as the corner of a room. And make sure you can easily get to it to add more water when needed.

Because the Feng Shui Salt Water Cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, you should throw out the bowl, water and coins when 3 February 2021 comes around.