Your Ki advice from May 7 to June 6

Here is your personal Ki advice from May 7 to June 6.

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If you don’t know your Ki number simply add together the four digits of your year of birth, add them again until you get a number between 1 and 10. Take this number from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11-7 = 4

1 Water People: in your 7 Metal Month you will find that personal and financial investment is now more important than partying, although there is no harm in enjoying the chance to relax. Everything else in life will look after itself now so remember to appreciate what you have.

2 Earth People: some patience will go a long way in your 8 Earth Month while waiting for your plans to come about. That new job, home or relationship is still taking its time getting to you, but don't let ambition get in the way of your work.

3 Wood People: this is an enjoyable 9 Fire Month where you find yourself at the centre of attention. It also promises to be very busy so don't slip up and fall for superficial offers, as people around you will be expecting you to stick to your word.

4 Wood People: weighing up your priorities this 1 Water Month will give you long-term focus and shift stagnation. It's time to think about what you really want in life and to tell your friends how you feel about it. After all, if you don't tell people what you want how will they give it to you?

5 Earth People: you should use your 2 Earth Month to clean out your cupboards and drawers of anything you really don't need because you can't welcome in the future with all that baggage holding you back. Meanwhile, develop some confidence by working on one small step towards your goal.

6 Metal People: take a couple of days off in your 3 Wood month, as the unexpected creativity and the energy now available will make its demands of you. Resist the urge to control the forces now whirling around you and enjoy some liberating fun without a fixed goal in mind.

7 Metal People: you will get the most of your 4 Wood Month if you behave consistently in what you say and do, otherwise people around you will think you are taking them for granted and ignoring their experience. Take a bit of time to listen to others and to what they have to say.

8 Earth People: if you want opportunities to come your way in your 5 Earth Month, you should avoid any extensive travel and focus on looking after yourself. Spend some time looking at past decisions and how to improve on them.

9 Fire People: although the events of this 6 Metal Month may feel controlling and predestined you will get more pleasure out of spending time with friends, rather than bossing them about. Now you can enjoy your material success and the rewards of hard work, just don't show off about it.