Your New Year Resolutions and Predictions for 2020

Your New Year Resolutions and Predictions for 2020

Happy New Year!

Although the Nine Star Ki Year actually starts on 4 February, I thought I'd suggest New Year resolutions that fit in with my monthly Ki advice which runs from January 5 to February 3 and my Ki predictions for 2020 which will be available nearer to 4 February.

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If you don’t know your Ki number simply add together the individual four digits of your year of birth, then add them again until you get a single number between 1 and 10. You then take that total from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11-7 = 4

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1 Water People are in their 6 Metal Month and a move up the promotion ladder or raise in status is now on the cards. You may use this month to reach out and connect with those you want to inspire, but take care not to let the result of your hard work go to your head, and instead remain modest about your achievements while focusing on developing your leadership qualities.

As the changes you want to bring about in your coming 8 Earth year will be wasted without a practical plan and some patience, your resolution is to get working now on organising the year ahead.

2 Earth People are in for a relaxing sociable New Year as they move into their 7 Metal Month. You can party a little but don't be fooled by your capacity to get away with overindulgence. Remember to keep track of everyday responsibilities as well or you may find you spend more money than you planned. Trust in your experience, not in new untried ideas.

You are about to move into a 9 Fire Year so focus on clarifying your goals and assessing your resources. Your resolution should be health-related, with exercise to help you burn off frustration and healthy choices about the people you want in your life.

3 Wood People your 8 Earth Month provides you with the opportunity to take an honest look at how well 2019 worked out for you and where you are now in relation to your plans. You may find this frustrating at times when you find you just can’t make things happen to suit your timing, but change will come in its own time.

For you, 2020 will be a 1 Water Year where your thoughts and words will inspire others. Hence your resolution for 2020 should bo to speak your truth, not just say whatever you think people want to hear, and you will be surprised at how well your words are received.

4 Wood People are in for an enjoyable 9 Fire Month where you get to inspire people with your warmth and great ideas. But you should carefully investigate any enticing offers thoroughly, or you might really get burned. And as people will be looking to you for inspiration make sure you know what you are talking about.

You will soon move into a 2 Earth Year where many small goals will be achievable and you can make plans for your next big adventure in 2021. But to succeed, your resolution should be to begin now the process of finding out what help is available and what resources you need to gather together.

5 Earth People should take the opportunity of your 1 Water Month to recharge your batteries and to get a bit more rest, but don’t be afraid to reach out to others and tell them what is on your mind. January will be a great time to research and make long-term plans, just make sure you also hang onto your cash in case of an unexpected emergency.

Your resolution for 2020 should be to focus on developing your spirituality, then take a deep breath as the rest of 2020 will be a fast-moving 3 Wood Year bringing new creativity, excitement and an unfamiliar sense of freedom.

6 Metal People move into a 2 Earth Month which means a slow start to the year that will quickly pick up in February. Your resolution is to use this month to work on clearing up outstanding issues and clutter clearing while taking small steps to achieve your goals,

View this month as an opportunity to clear the way for the results of your hard work to come into focus in 2020, where you will need to be consistent throughout the year in order to see your projects through to the end. Otherwise, your coming 4 Wood Year could easily be derailed through impatience and lack of foresight.

7 Metal People are now in a 3 Wood Month where you can now expect increased energy levels and renewed inspiration. This is a creative month for you, where you will find that flexibility will work in your favour, and where your resolution is to discover what is it that makes your heart beat faster.

This inspiration is now crucial as you will shortly be moving into a 5 Earth Year where you will opportunities that last for many years, but you must be selective or you may regret the commitment. Asking for some advice from a trusted source will help, as will taking some time to learn from past mistakes.

8 Earth People now experience the gentle energy of a 4 Wood Month where instead of starting some totally new project, your resolution should be to stick with what is already working in your life. If that is easier said than done then ask for help in working out what you really want to be doing in 2020.

As your approaching 6 Metal Year will bring to you a raise in status and material success,  now is the time to practice modesty and diplomacy. If instead you browbeat others into helping you and show off, the help that you need will stay away. Stick with your plans now as any deviation will waste all that hard work you put in.

9 Fire People move into a 5 Earth Month and as opportunities will now come your way, choose carefully what you take on. And while you can now impress people with your ability to command attention, remember to also review and learn from past decisions.

Establishing a supportive pattern of behaviour that keeps you focussed will counter the indulgent aspect of your impending 7 Metal Year. You will spend much of 2020 chilling out and relying on past experience to get you by, so don’t take your good luck for granted. Your resolution should now be about getting fit and setting up a challenge you can work on throughout the year to keep you focussed.