Your Nine Star Ki Predictions for 2021

2021 is a 6 Metal Year and runs from 4 February to 3 February 2022. The theme for this year's predictions and advice is your spirituality: how you can connect with your inner truth and how it manifests in the world.

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If you don't know your Ki number simply add together the four digits of your year of birth, add them again until you get a number between 1 and 10. Take this number from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11 - 7 = 4

1 Water People are in their 9 Fire Year

In a 9 Fire Year the inner light developing inside you last year now comes to the surface for all to see, bringing with it a sense of expansion, new possibilities and a great social life. Deciding on how you want to focus this light is crucial, as you may get lost in the glare of gratifying attention after a year hidden away in the dark. Especially as hidden secrets may come to the surface and legal matters in some shape or form will certainly take up some of your time.

The valuable lessons that came your way in 2020 - the changes in lifestyle and outlook - may have been painful at times, but you now have the chance to use those grounding experiences to explore your spiritual beliefs to the full. To feel completely fulfilled 1 Water people need their life to have meaning, you want to make sense of your experiences and yet at the same time not freeze up when experiencing stress. This means learning to let go of the past, to relax and go with the flow of events and then share your insights with others. You will find silent meditation, soothing music and reading can all help you to achieve great insight into the mystery of life.

You also need to remain grounded and realistic about your plans this year, making sure that you thoroughly investigate any offers of either a romantic or business nature. And try to remember that others around you may not be so enthusiastic about all of your new ideas. This may bring up doubts about loyalty and friendship, so remain aware of how you come across, or you may find that in a moment of need there is no one around to support you.

In 2021 you will find it easier to speak your truth, but will you allow this new found attention to go to your head, or will you use your position in the public eye to promote your business or a cause that is close to your heart?

2 Earth People are in their 1 Water Year

Your 1 Water Year will essentially be a time of stillness that can be compared to the seed in the ground waiting for the winter to pass. This is a wonderful opportunity to step back and take a look at the bigger picture and gain insight into the meaning of your life. You get to take a break from everyday concerns and can develop a long term view of how you want your future to take shape. 

Although people may seem more distant than usual as a result of you withdrawing to renew yourself, taking time to develop yourself through study and meditation will have the greatest benefit as rushing to achieve new heights and ambitions is now not advisable. You also need to take care of your finances and health, as this year you will be short on physical and emotional resources, so it is best to bow to the wisdom of nature and go with the flow, rather than forcing nature to bend to your will. This may be a great year to begin a course of study or bring a child into the world however, changing work or home will simply drain you.

The sense of withdrawal may at times make you feel alienated or afraid, but understand you now have the chance now to learn how to go with the flow of events and to relate to people in a more empowered manner. As you make the effort to be more clear in your communications and share with people what is on your mind, you will be surprised by the positive reaction you get. 

Your family and friends will appreciate your presence and independence, and you will feel the strength to be more of the person you always wanted to be. And by experiencing a level of independence and insight into your need to be of service to others, you will gain the confidence to tell the difference between compassion and codependency.

3 Wood People are in their 2 Earth Year

Your creative nature may find 2021 quite frustrating until you realise it’s quite alright to do one thing at a time and see it through to the end. Although it is not yet the time to move on your long term plans, you can now gather the resources for the next big thing coming your way in 2022. You will attract allies, finances, help and advice, and clear out all the clutter, all that paperwork, old clothes, even the old commitments that have blocked up your creativity.

You already have confidence in your own ability but you now need a social structure to help you direct your energies. It is time to learn how to work with other people on an equal footing, to develop a more grounded practical approach to work and relationships, where you feel part of a team and feel you can rely upon them. You have the opportunity to learn how to focus on a single project through a step by step process, to ground your creativity and turn your spacious and chaotic energy into something that will benefit others.

As the nature of 2 Earth is to serve others you must also learn how to balance their needs with your own. Focus on your diet and health and taking exercise such as dancing and gardening. Otherwise, your confidence and self-esteem will begin to suffer. Simple Zen meditation will help you to ground your creative nature, as well as chanting mantras and using sound and purification practices.

Success in small things is your motto for this year, as you get to grips with developing plans and working hard towards your next goal. But as major new ventures are not advisable and any major initiative is liable to meet with failure, you should not allow yourself to become drained by worrying about an apparent lack of progress. Otherwise, it will be one step forward and two steps back until you recognise the benefits of being brought back down to earth.

4 Wood People are in their 3 Wood Year

After the slow-moving quality of the last two years the brash new and exciting world of a 3 Wood Year will make for a welcome shake-up in your life, as you experience new ideas, enthusiasm and an unstructured, unfamiliar, approach to life. Whatever you do in 2021 you will not be able to resist this opportunity to bring some totally new energy into your life.

As you are now back in your own element of Wood, you will find it easier to create the serene and clean environment needed for you to settle and focus on one thing. However, the chaotic nature of a 3 Wood year may be too much for you at times and then you must rely on patience and inner strength to prevent being overwhelmed or diverted. This strength can be developed through a Zen meditation approach to grounding your creativity, bringing under control your tendency to quickly move on from experience to experience without truly tasting the benefits of what is right in front of you.

You are also going to need all of your awareness and judgement to keep track of when you need to take a break, otherwise, the risk of burnout is all too possible if you run wildly after every new idea. Make sure you take planned holidays and work off any stress with exercise. Meditation involving movement such as Tai Chi will help, and to take your spacious nature to a deeper spiritual level you should seek out a teacher to help you cultivate your inner strength and develop your magnetizing qualities.

Exercising patience will also help you to avoid becoming irritable, as you will be prone to the occasional outburst when people and situations appear to get in your way. While a new romance or improved one is a high possibility, your focus on material life may be somewhat diminished in favour of a richer more diverse experience.

5 Earth People are in their 4 Wood Year

2021 brings maturity to your approach to life, where you start to see the results of your hard work and you feel more at ease with yourself. There will be a big increase in your sense of curiosity about the world and you will feel the need to communicate more and to help others achieve their goals. You will also experience a new found intimacy to your interactions with people and an enhanced sense of humour and charm.

It is the nature of a 4 Wood year to change direction before completing the task at hand, to feel the need to explore life without making any commitment to a single goal. Likewise in the same way that a gentle breeze can suddenly switch to a blustery wind, events also have the potential to change in unpredictable ways, triggering your 5 Earth tendency to lose focus and judgment of what is good for you. So in order to capitalise on the changes and developments that have taken place these last three years, it is crucial that you do not head off in a completely new direction. Otherwise, you will lose out on all the benefits that the long term consistent growth of your current projects will have for you.

If you are in doubt about what you should be doing next then ask for advice from someone you trust. Developing listening and contemplation skills will also help you focus. And fulfilling your deep longing for spiritual life can be fulfilled by music, ritual and chanting to help overcome self-involvement in your life. Developing a strong link to a lineage of practitioners will help provide guidance, patience and humility.

Although you can explore some new minor projects don't make any moves before you are completely ready to, especially as you need to watch your finances and carefully nurture the first results of your recent success. Your moods may also become unpredictable and have more to say more than your words, so a little patience will go a long way to keeping the peace; allow your influence to spread through gentle persuasion and the conviction of your actions.

6 Metal People are in their 5 Earth Year

The course of 2021 depends a lot on the choices and judgements you have made in the past, and on how well you have managed your life over the last nine years. As the fruition of these actions now come home to roost your assessment of these lessons will help develop your goals for the future. You will also be glad to hear that you are now in a position to consolidate the plans you have been working on these last few years and that major opportunities are coming your way. But this is not a year for action or making radical lifestyle changes and if the opportunity to travel for more than two weeks does arise resist the urge.

As 6 Metal people have strong psychic abilities, intuitive awareness and a sense of moral and social responsibility, they can become too ungrounded and lose connection to the world around them. While the other extreme is for you to become too dogmatic, too material and  to see everything in black and white. That balance will now be challenged as you learn how to be in the world but not of it. But you also now have the chance to find your center and a renewed life that balances intuition with a connection with society, allowing you to work towards both material and spiritual goals.

A part of this process of renewal is that much of the stress you experience this year will be due to unsupportive situations and people leaving your life. Let them go and instead be mindful and reflective as you make plans for the next nine years. Focus on deciding on what you want to do next and as any new project you take on will be at the center of your life for many years to come, make sure you get good advice before taking any big decision

You will find being in nature and appreciating the connectedness of life will help you develop the resilience you now need, especially as you will be feeling uncomfortable with emotional upheavals. Do your best not to wriggle out of uncomfortable situations and face your responsibilities, otherwise, you will miss out on the chance to remake your life.

7 Metal people are in their 6 Earth Year

After the unpredictable chaos of last year, in 2021 you get to see the results of your plans and hard work over the last few years come to fruition. This could be in the form of a pay rise, a raise in status or taking on more responsibility. Whatever you have been working on to improve your life will now manifest, but rather than allowing a new found pride to go to your head, try to remain modest about these achievements, even though the signs will be all around you.

There will also be a tendency for you to become more judgemental, whereas you would be better off spending your time helping others to achieve their potential. And as you will find it easier to be organised this year and to manage other people, you will also be called upon to broaden your experience of what it means to look after the interests of others. This means stepping up and taking responsibility, judging fairly and impartially the situations that come to merit your attention.

Avoid the temptation to see things in black and white and instead remain flexible in your relations with others. This means giving people what they really want rather than you giving them what you think they want. Especially as 7 Metal people tend to be attracted to temporary surface appearances, taking for granted their material comfort, instead of looking beneath addictive appearances to discover their hidden depths.

You can do this by making some quiet personal time and space for yourself, where you can settle your mind and through breathing and healing meditations, calm your body and mind. Then your life  experiences will be seen more and more for what they really are: as a source of joy that was previously hidden and a deeper meaning to life revealed.

As this year's events will feel somewhat preordained and you will find there is less creativity in your life,  do your best to look after yourself and keep up a good social life, while maintaining family ties and close relationships with loved ones.

8 Earth people are in their 7 Metal Year

While the constraints of last year now fall away and are now replaced by a sense of ease, you get to reflect on the hard work you have put in over the years. With an expanded social life presented to you, there will be no shortage of party invitations in 2021. But at the same time, you should maintain respect for what you have managed to achieve as your luck did not appear out of nowhere, otherwise, you could squander your good fortune as quickly as it has been gathered.

This year brings about a heightened sensitivity to your experiences in life and to your surroundings, while the reflective quality of this year will help you appreciate your good situation as you look back on your life in the quieter, more spiritual moments. But remember to do your best to remain practical and focused in your relations with people as flights of fancy could land you in trouble.

As 8 Earth people need to work on understanding the nature of the world around them and how it works, your stillness and consistency can now create a peaceful and deep spiritual life which will lighten your load, as you learn to engage in natural processes rather than individual details. Creating a clean orderly environment and a shrine to focus your respect for earthly forces will help in this process.

As the benefits of your past efforts now bring their reward, you will find your creativity naturally expressing itself in your life, so there is no need to start new projects as you can rely on your past experience to stand you in good stead. To make the most of this year it is advisable to try and find a balance between the more indulgent aspect of a 7 Metal Year and the need to maintain some sobriety, otherwise, you might appear to some as being spoiled by your good luck and not as caring as you can be about people.

9 Fire People are in their 8 Earth Year

The revolutionary nature of an 8 Earth Year can bring about a move to a new home, changing jobs, a new relationship and other major changes in lifestyle, and as long as you remain focused on your goals they will come about in their own time. This year it may at times feel as though your light has been hidden at the back of a cave but you now are in the process of refueling that light with its source material: the essential knowledge that comes from knowing what is real about your life.

From within this a cave you now have the chance to look within and discover previously uncharted aspects of yourself. You can discover the knowledge you need to complete your goals and develop the ability to pass that onto others. As your 9 Fire nature can be a light both for yourself and others, this invaluable knowledge will also power your discriminating awareness which enables you to distinguish what is true and not true for you.

During this year you may feel at times as though nothing at all is happening in your life. But the change you desire is now dependent on you looking within and being realistic about where you are. So take advantage of the time that is presented to you and resist the urge to get pushy, as that will only cause resentment and antagonism in others. Instead, you can avoid getting caught up in your emotions by allowing your mind to settle in meditation.

As you will be working hard this year do your best to remain active in your social life, as there will be a tendency this year for you to withdraw to the cave and isolate yourself. Be clear in your communication and try not to take what others say to heart, as you now appear to them to be more solid and resilient than you really are.