Your personal Ki Advice from August 7 to September 6

Your personal Ki Advice from August 7 to September 6

Instead of looking at how to support your overall Ki Nature, this months' advice looks at how understanding your financial Ki can help you make more supportive decisions. 

If you don’t know your Ki number, simply add together the four digits of your year of birth, add them again until you get a number between 1 and 10. Deduct this number from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11-7 = 4

You can find your yearly predictions here:

1 Water People: in your 4 Wood Month you can expect a smoother ride as you move into a more settled and focussed state of mind. As your past efforts are now starting to bring the results you have worked towards you should avoid being tempted to randomly shooting off at a tangent. This is crucial advice for when managing your cash as you really don't like to take a risk with it.

Your preference is to take a more passive role in earning and attract money, highlighting your need for seeking meaning and being a catalyst in other peoples lives. Allow your intuitive abilities to steer you in the right direction on the next stage in your journey, and by relying on a sense of humour and spaciousness you will persuade people to help you on the way.

2 Earth People: in your 5 Earth Month you will feel more comfortable and less blown about by circumstances. This is a month where you will be offered several choices about your future, but your ability to decide will depend on your social situation. As the fruition of past decisions now come home to show you how you have managed your life, you can judge how well you have done by the quality of those you attract to help you.

Usually, you manage your money within reasonable boundaries, you are not extravagant with your cash and tend to be astute money wise. But you may find this ability is now challenged and you end up spending on unwise purchases or investments. Do you know someone who can give you good advice or will you just grab at whatever attracts your attention?

3 Wood People: in your 6 Metal Month you will feel your activities are somewhat preordained, and when it comes to your money you will get the chance to organise your finances, even if you don’t feel like doing so! In the long run, you will be grateful for this opportunity as you are now looking at a pay rise or a raise in your status where you get to take on more responsibility. At the very least you can now get a better grip on the material world and realise you don’t always have struggle so much over understanding how money works.

As one of your best qualities is being able to focus on others, exercising compassion in your relationships will now help you achieve the visibility and status you desire. Just make sure you that if you get the urge to give away your cash, it goes to the right places and for the right reasons.

4 Wood People: in your 7 Metal Month you get to sit back and experience the benefits of your past efforts. An improvement in your finances, health and general well being are on the cards and you also get to party and socialise. Financial management will be critical now as you need to avoid overindulging, stay clear of flights of fantasy and stick with what you know. If you are not careful to plan out your expenses you will end up spending all of your hard-earned cash.

For you to really understand how money works you need to learn to give before you receive, you need to recognise you have something wonderful to give, just don’t now waste it needlessly. You don’t actually need to do anything new this month, just allow for the fact you can now discover how to better balance your books.

5 Earth People: your 8 Earth Month finds you now dwelling in the "cave of inner reflection”. If you now want to make some changes to your life that reflect your long term plans and commitments, you have the chance to gain a more realistic view of your life from which to base your decisions on.

The one important piece of financial advice for you this month is no gambling! Don’t take any risks with your cash. On the whole 5 Earth People are very hardworking and like to hang on to their cash but are not as good at dealing with finance as they think they are. Instead, you need to rely on having a clear plan. This is an ideal moment to make an honest appraisal of your situation, and with some patience on your part, trust your life will become realigned at the right time.

6 Metal People: in your 9 Fire Month you will find people are looking to you for inspiration, and as long as you remain grounded and walk your talk this month will be very sociable and successful. This is an ideal time to develop your imagination about the possibilities in life that are available to you. But be careful the light that has been developing inside you does not pass your heart and instead go straight to your head.

You are very comfortable in the material world and well versed in matters of finance, good at organising money and attracting it, and then knowing what to do with it. However, you can feel so much responsibility and obligation to others that your imagination can suffer. It’s time to learn how to let go a bit and enjoy yourself. You now have the chance to develop your generosity, maybe through supporting your favourite cause or supprising someone close to you.

7 Metal People: in your 1 Water Month you get a chance to rest and reflect on your future. You now delve into the more spiritual aspects of your life and develop your intuition in a realm, where you will find not everything in life has a price that can be accounted for.

Through diving into your inner nature, you will discover new truths people will want to hear. Even though the urge to withdraw this month will be strong, try to focus on your social life and communicate what is on your mind, as you will be pleased with the reactions you get.

As you will be short on physical and emotional resources, make sure you do keep track of your finances and other resources, so make no big expenditures in case of some emergency. And as this is something you are good at doing, hanging on to your money should not be a problem.

8 Earth People: are in their 2 Earth Month where success in small endeavours will bring you closer to your goals. You are comfortable in the material world and are good at managing your own finance, but this is not the time to take risks or try to impress anyone, as any new major initiative is liable to meet with failure. It is also not a good time to be put in charge of anyone else’s money.

There is a tendency to worry too much in a 2 Earth Month and you may feel compelled to spend your way out of your troubles. Instead, you should be tidying up loose ends, clutter clearing and making both physical and mental space for your new projects. Your priority now is to make plans and gather the resources needed for your next big adventure in September.

9 Fire People: in your 3 Wood Month you will feel more supported in your projects now as new creative energy comes rushing in. You should welcome this radical shake-up in your life, as your finances will pick up and you have the opportunity to develop creative possibilities. However, remember that 9 Fire People are very flamboyant and like to impress others, so don’t spend to simply to attract attention.

Instead of feeling you have to take a risk to impress others, you are better off focussing on what you are good at which is being an inspiration to others and being nicely rewarded for it. Just enjoy the creative rush of new ideas, but don’t feel pressured to throw yourself at one in particular. Remember to take a break from time to time or you risk burning yourself out.