Your personal Ki Advice from June 7 to July 7

Your personal Ki Advice from June 7 to July 7

While there are confusing mixed messages about what we should be doing to stay safe as the danger from the coronavirus seems to be receding, we need to be reminded that moving out of danger is itself a perilous thing to be doing. The worst is behind us, yet we are not yet on safe ground. 

So as lockdown restrictions are being eased and we celebrate by seeing friends and family again, this months' advice discusses how we can act in a safe and creativity manner according to the energies of the Ki Month you now occupy.

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If you don’t know your Ki number, simply add together the four digits of your year of birth, add them again until you get a number between 1 and 10. Deduct this number from 11 and you have your Ki Year number. E.g. 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. 11-7 = 4

You can find your yearly predictions here:

1 Water People: In your 2 Earth Month your need for a social life will be strong now but go with the feeling you should be taking your time, and not rushing headlong into a virus-free life. Making small plans for restarting your life will work much better, and by keeping your ambitions modest you will find that July comes in with a bang.

Despite feeling held back, you can at least make preparations for your next big adventure, but if there is too much effort and extravaganza now, it will end in a whimper.

2 Earth People: Risk-taking vs common sense, what is your assessment? In your 3 Wood Month, it's finally time to move on your plans, and having cleared the decks last month you now have all the energy and ideas to proceed with confidence. But remember this advice: look before you leap, map out your options and don’t just plunge headlong into chaos.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to make any final choices about the opportunities presented to you now, that can wait until July, just enjoy some unexpected creative energy and focus on working off any frustrations.

3 Wood People: You will feel the more mature pragmatic energy of this 4 Wood Month will help ease your sense of frustration at the remaining restrictions, while you now have the time to relax and build on the ideas you have chosen to go with, so don’t change your mind and take off in a completely new direction.

Remember, when you want your way, diplomacy and a little humour will work better than getting angry.  The key to improving your chances of success now is making sure you explain to others clearly what is on your mind, and accepting help when it is needed.

4 Wood People: Your 5 Earth Month brings into focus past decisions you have made and what there is to learn from the results. Ask yourself what happened last time you were let out of the starting gate? Did you make wise choices, or just grab at the first opportunity that came along and then regret it?

Now that big opportunities are coming your way make sure you really want to commit, as you will have to live with the results for a long time to come. To make your choice listen to sound advice rather than being influenced by your desire to escape your present situation.

5 Earth People: In your 6 Metal Month you may feel your efforts are now being rewarded by material success, but don't let your pride get the better of you or you will lose the trust of people around you. Instead, take the feelings of others into consideration when you want to fulfil your own needs, and everyone will be happier for it.

As your actions you will now feel restrained and somewhat preordained, you should avoid attempting to wriggle out of your responsibilities through random acts of bravado. Instead, take this opportunity to get organised and set an example of duty and responsibility.

6 Metal People: Your 7 Metal Month is potentially a time for a great social life, but don’t be fooled by expecting temporary experiences to have any positive long term consequences. And although these last few months have been difficult at times, you now have an opportunity to give thanks for what you have discovered about yourself while in lockdown.

You can appreciate the hard work that got you to where you are, and your sense of social responsibility will be able to recognise what is best for you and those around you. So enjoy a newfound sense of ease but without indulging in any risks.

7 Metal People: In your 8 Earth Month you get to work hard although you will also have to practise patience rather than get pushy when things don’t go your way. Focus on your long term future, not on temporary annoyances, as you now have a chance to explore the hidden depths to your nature.

You have an opportunity to move beyond surface appearances and gain experience and knowledge of your inner self. You can now become more realistic about your plans, but remember to make an effort to be sociable and work on your relations with people through learning how to skilfully handle criticism.

8 Earth People: The warm sunshine of a 9 Fire Month can be very tempting after being indoors for so long. You are now looking forward to an exceptional social month, where you will find much to inspire you and take your mind off the lockdown while telling everyone about your new-found insights and plans.

But take your time now to assess any risks at overexposure to the light as your sense of timing is not always that reliable. Instead, you should remain practical and look very carefully at any tempting offers, as you may come across too many new fascinating offers that result in hubris.

9 Fire People: Your 1 Water Month provides you with the opportunity to exert your independent thinking and to find meaning in your recent experiences. While any illusions you hold about your plans have been swept away these last few months, the path ahead will now seem much clearer as a result of gaining these new insights.

You also have the chance to recover from the stress of the lockdown, by resting, reading and sleeping more, so resist the urge rush about now as though life has returned to normal, and hang on to any resources you have, as there may be unexpected expenses to come this month.